Sunday, 7 November 2010

boot slave

Nice idea and imagination to show how a boot slave serve his Leather Master.


  1. I see wonderful minds work the same. Since I was about a pre-teen I dreamt of a suit that looked like a womens boot had (am bi) swallowed me up from the head down with the shoe part of the boot on top of my head like this!
    Really erotic drawing....especially his cock being laced up in the boot!

  2. Ive also been a boot slave to womens crinkle vinyl boots since I was 7.My mistress and her mother caught me wearing my mistress to be's white crinkle vinyl gogo boots to bed on a sleep-over. Not long after that I was introduced to my first crinkle vinyl (homemade by her mother of the same crinkle vinyl material as the boots) sleepsack. And and they saw to n it I lost my virginity to those crinkle vinyl boots while encased in the crinkle vinyl sleepsack. Been having boot sex 3,4,5 times a week since for scores of years! Love being a boot fetishist and a boot slave!



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