Thursday, 27 January 2011

Medical Play

love medical play with rubber. Breath be control by gas mask breathing tube and re-breathing beg. The ass be plugged and connected to the enema beg. Cock be catheterize which will connected to urinal beg.

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  1. Very nice pictures here....Love the idea of fully immobilised patient in hospital bondage straps with bags and tubes everywhere,twitching as the poor bound victim tries to escape the tight strapping,even a tightly strapped and sealed anaesthetic mask controlling what he breathes and how he breathes..And imagine the panic when the enema starts and the pressure builds up with no release...and sterilised water going into the bladder through the catheter and being tortured by no release here as well...Maybe some electro too? Why not! You see, a good 'doctor' can keep his 'patient' more than just alive!



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